Summer 2019 Camp — July 7 - July 21, 2019

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General Information

This is intended to provide you with information on the camp, the facilities, and the activities that take place during the camp session.
Camp Trident Ukrainian Orthodox Church Camp is sponsored by the Yorkton Missionary District. It is entering its 54st year of operation under the guidance of a voluntary body from the Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of the Yorkton District and Dauphin Missionary District.
The Camp's main sources of income are organizational and personal donations, including monetary, materials, and labour. In 1990 a new camp facility was built, with girls' dorms and boys' dorms being completed in 1999 and 2000 respectively.
Located on a ten-acre site near the shores of Crystal Lake, in the east central region of Saskatchewan, Camp Trident offers an attractively planned setting for children and adults. The landscaped development offers group living in a retreat atmosphere. It is in close proximity to lake front, golf course and convenience store/fast foot outlet.

The facilities provide a common dining, socializing, and recreation hall, classrooms, a church, and soccer/baseball/volleyball/basketball facilities. Building Features:

  • Flexible design to accommodate a wide range of activities
  • Washrooms and showers
  • Dining room to seat over 100 people
  • Dormitories accommodating up to 6 campers per room
  • Kitchen, food storage and staff facilities
  • Security and supervision for campers
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Building design compliments natural landscape
  • Camp Trident Principles

    The youth and families of the Ukrainian Orthodox community follow these principles:

  • To provide an opportunity to participate in an enriched Christian
  • fellowship from an Orthodox prospective. Camp Trident is not limited to Orthodox children only, It is open to any and all children.

  • To present and enhance the knowledge of the Orthodox faith and Ukrainian culture and traditions.
  • To provide an opportunity to experience the outdoors in a Ukrainian environment.
  • Programs

    Camp Trident offers a two-week program filled with fun activities and learning experiences for boys and girls ages 7-14 years. Older or younger campers may attend with the permission of the Administrator.

    Camp Trident is open to both Orthodox and non-Orthodox children.

    Daily and weekly schedules are prepared prior to the commencement of camp. All staff are involved in a 3-day orientation including rules and regulations, staff duties and responsibilities, program development, etc.

    A typical camp day starts out with "Wake up and Shake up", followed by morning prayers, breakfast, religion/language/craft classes and the lunch. The afternoon starts out with religion/language/craft classes, followed by "canteen" and then swimming/canoeing/sports or an alternate weather-dependent activity. Following supper, the campers participate in singing and Ukrainian dancing. The evening closes with a planning evening activity, snack, evening prayers and lights out.

    All campers are expected to participate in all religious, language, crafts, singing, dancing, sports and other activities, unless otherwise stated in the camper's health form.
    Evening activities may include a ватра (bonfire), soccer, treasure hunt, social dancing, Friday night dance, Saturday night movie night, Ukrainian mini-Olympics, among many other exciting and fun activities. The campers are never bored at Camp Trident!
    The campers participate in theme days such as "Bad Hair day" and "Twin day" , as well as theme suppers, such as "Utensil Monk Supper" and a "Wedding Banquet".

    All-in-all the campers are kept very active, which results in minimal homesickness.

    Sports / Special Events

    Group activities and games play an essential role in encouraging participation, teamwork, and friendship, as well as providing an alternate forum for Ukrainian language development.
    A wide variety of activity is offered depending upon the weather. Playground equipment is available under supervision by camp counselors.
    Games such as soccer and capture-the-flag are always popular among the campers. A basketball net and stand are readily available for the campers' use.

    Swimming at the Crystal Lake beach is an everyday occurrence in hot weather.

    Campers 12 years and over can also participate in canoeing.

    "The campers are never bored at Camp Trident!"


    A full religious program forms part of the Camp Trident activities. Based on the level of the children's needs and age, classes are taught by parish priests who take turns in attending Camp Trident every year. Classes usually include open discussions, prayer, question sheets, coloring, etc.
    The religious program also includes morning and evening prayers, and prayers before and after meals.

    The Sacraments of Holy Confession and Holy Communion will be offered on the final Saturday and Sunday. Extra services may
    All campers are expected to participate in the religious classes and prayers. However, only campers baptized Orthodox will participate in confession and communion. Parents should discuss this with their children prior to camp.

    Ukrainian Language / Crafts / Singing/Dancing

    Ukrainian is taught in a classroom setting and is geared toward learning the alphabet, common phrases, colors, names of foods, etc.
    Campers learn through the use of coloring, reading, writing and games.
    Ukrainian is also learned through singing, prayers, and everyday use.
    Participation in crafts is essential to learn and appreciate the Ukrainian culture. The camp strives to offer fun crafts so as campers can appreciate their own works of art.
    Both traditional and non-traditional types of crafts are done. Some of the crafts that have been done in the past include Pysanky writing, baking Kokichi, making fridge magnets, cross-stitching, glass painting, wood carving and string art.
    All crafts, whether traditional or non-traditional contain Ukrainian cultural elements.

    Campers learn common Ukrainian folksongs, as well as 'О Канадо', 'Ще Не Вмерла Украiна' and 'Отче Наш'.
    Campers take part in Ukrainian dancing. No experience is necessary. It is truly amazing the dances that are learned in a two-week period.
    At the end of the two weeks, the campers get to show off all that they have learned in a fun, final concert on the last Sunday of camp.

    Camp Staff

    Camp Trident staff during the two-week camp program is made up of the following position:

    Administrator — responsible for the general camp operation, including general safety (medical, fire safety, etc.); provides consultation, counseling, comforting and advising to all campers and personnel; escorts visitors and parents.

    Counselors — responsible to the Administrator; take on the general role of a parent in a loving and judicial manner; exercise a positive attitude and rapport with the campers, always ensuring safety, comfort and good conduct; are knowledgeable in the Ukrainian language, culture and religion.

    Ukrainian Teacher — responsible for teaching Ukrainian language classes and promoting use of Ukrainian throughout the camp.

    Camp Priest — responsible for teaching religion; provides guidance to counselors and staff.

    Parents' Information

    One Week Campers—The administration does not encourage one-week campers. The camp program is designed for a two-week period, so a one-week camper would not be able to participate in all aspects of the camp, such as dancing.
    If a one-week registration is your only option, then the administration would prefer registration for the first week. The administration has found that campers who come for the second week only pose some setbacks for the staff in terms of dealing with homesickness and having the camper become comfortable with the other campers who have already been there for a week.

    Safety at Night — Bathroom and classroom lights are left on at night, plus low level lights in the hallways. Exterior lights are left on all night.

    Assignment of Rooms — All campers will be bunked with other children according to their ages or requests by parents. Not all requests will be granted. The decision of the administrator is final. If there are problems with the room assignment, please talk to the administrator. No change in room assignment is to be made with authorization from the administrator.

    Medication — Please be specific in recording your child's medical history. All medications must be current and have current expiry dates. Only staff will dispense any medication. A record book of medicines prescribed is maintained and all medications are located in the first-aid room. Campers will be taken to the Canora Hospital, if necessary, and parents will be contacted immediately.

    Telephone Calls — Telephone calls by the campers are limited to emergency and necessary calls. A "phone home" rotation has been set up in the past that allows campers to phone home every 2 to 3 days, if the child requests to do so. All calls by campers will have the charges reversed. Parents may call at any time, however your child may not be able to come to the phone at that moment. The daily schedule will aid you in knowing when campers are available. Please do not set specific times with your child as to when you will phone. THE CAMP PHONE NUMBER IS 548-5593.

    Laundry Facilities — Parents are asked to pack enough clothing for 2 weeks, however limited washing will be done for the campers, if necessary. A $2.00 charge per load will be due upon departure from camp.

    Damage to Property — The cabins will be inspected daily and prior to the campers leaving. Any damage whether small or large will be charged to the parents. We would like all the campers to take care of the camp as they would their own home. This means no drawing or marking up the walls or furniture. No sticking gum under the beds or dressers. No peeling paint from walls or furniture. No moving of furniture.

    Visitation day — Parents/guardians may sign out campers on the middle Sunday of camp. Drop-in visits by parents and relatives during the week are not encouraged, as it has proven to be a distraction to the campers and disruptive to the camp schedule.
    If parents will be taking their child out of the camp for the day, they should contact the administrator to advise at what time the child will be picked up and at what time the child will be back.
    Singing, dancing and an evening activity will take place as regularly scheduled, so it is preferred to have your child back by 7:00 p.m.

    Please do not provide your child with a supply of junk food or candy to keep with them. Your child does receive regular canteen during the week where they have the option to choose a variety of items.

    What to Bring

    Please make sure all articles are marked with the child's name, especially beach towels, bathing suits, hats and shoes.

    1. Pillows, sheets, and sleeping bag or quilt.
    2. Suitable Sunday clothes (shorts and jeans are not appropriate in Church).
    3. Bathing suit, minimum 3 towels, soap, mirror, toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, hangers, ball glove, hat, suitable clothing for unfavorable weather, insect repellent, sun screen, petroleum jelly, slip-on canvass shoes or dance slippers for dance practice, nightlight (if required), and fan (if desired).
    4. Campers may bring limited personal items from home that will assist in making camp home away from home.
    5. Ukrainian Orthodox Prayers Book (if you have one), binder, pencil, eraser, ruler, notebook, crayons, felt markers.
    7. Medication (if required) with details instructions

    What NOT to bring

    - Electronics (ie: iPods, tablets) CD's, magazines, etc., are not encouraged. However, if they are brought, these items must be well-labeled, as these are the items that tend to be borrowed, traded and ultimately lost. These items are to remain in the campers' cabins at all times do not bring valuables to camp. No cell phones.
    - Curling irons are not encouraged.
    - No junk food, ie. Sunflower seeds, canned pop, candy, chips, etc. Any items of this nature will be confiscated and returned to the camper at the end of camp. A daily canteen is provided at camp, which includes chips, chocolate bars, candies, and ice cream products, so it is not necessary to bring these items. Also, our daily meal schedule includes a dessert at supper and a snack at bedtime.
    - No items that are deemed to be potentially dangerous are allowed.

    Camper Registration Information Fees :

    Base Fee (due June 1, 2019) - $400/child
    Base Fee after June 21, 2019) - $450/child
    NEW This year - One Week - $300

    (Fees are refundable only with a doctor's certificate)

    (Canteen money is included in registration)
    (Camp picture is included in registration)

    FINAL CLEANUP — The campers are to have their cabins vacuumed and mopped prior to leaving camp. Help is also needed to clean the kitchen, store food, take inventory, and other odds and ends on the final day.

    Please contact the administrator if you have any questions prior to camp regarding the volunteer incentive program.

    Donations — Whether of money, specific items or time, all donations are greatly appreciated.

    Download Registration Form (In Acrobat .pdf)

    Send your application to:
    Camp Trident
    c/o Carolyn Griffin
    Box 25
    Osage, SK, S0G 3T0

    Or E-Mail: